No Escape From The Dark of Winter

Now! Theatre and Nebula Company have invited Phantom Signal to escape the confines of the radio and participate in a super-cool environmental theatre event in the super-cool Smartypantz Escape Rooms down in Gastown. Andrew and Jayson have smashed their keyboards together to come up with a little ten-minute piece that will thrill the pants right off your tree, and Tara will join them in performance on Saturday, February 13th. There will be a bar and everything, so that should take care of any hesitation on your part. You get five mini-plays for ten bucks -- wait, what? That's right, ten bucks! It'll be a very intimate performance, and they're only selling about thirty-five tickets, so you'll

Roundhouse Radio Wonders Where That Phantom Signal is Coming From

Thursday January 28th we'll be sitting around chatting on Indie Audio about who we are, what we do, where we do it, why we do it, who we do it with, why we do it with whom when we do do it, and whether or not we think it's a good idea to do what we do when doing what we do doesn't do what we think it does. Tune in to Roundhouse Radio around 7pm-ish for all the hot celebrity gossip. #PhantomSignal #TaraTravis #AndrewBailey #JaysonMcDonald #RoundhouseRadio #IndieAudio #Interview

Tara Travis Cuts Out the Dead Wood and Performs Solo

Signal's own Tara Travis, never content to sit around and bask in the glory of an aimless Saturday afternoon, returns to the unusual narrative of The Unfortunate Ruth, the story of two twins -- only one of whom was actually born. Writer-performer Travis's script won the Playwrights Theatre Centre and Vancouver Fringe's New Play Award in 2014, and you'll have a chance to see it February 5-7 at Studio 1398 on Granville Island. The Vancouver Sun says of Tara's performance, ""In one breath she leaps from emotional vulnerability to flawless comic timing...see this one." So go and see it. The Unfortunate Ruth, February 5-7, 8PM Show, Studio 1398, Advance Tix at Theatre Wire #Comedy #PhantomSignal

Phantom Signal Jumps on the JFL Northwest Train and Holds On For Dear Life

The cats of Phantom Signal were absolutely horrified to discover that we'd been added to the local roster of this year's JFL Northwest Comedy Festival. It's a killer line-up, so after picking ourselves up off the floor we started jamming on what elements we'd need to truly bring the teeth-grinding horror that has been so regrettably underserved in previous Northwest festivals. Tara suggested that we literally raise some hell, so that's what we're a-gonna do. Of course, to do that we'll need a little help from our very special guest Daniel Chai of The Fictionals (Improv Against Humanity). Monday, February 22 is the date, and the frisky Fox Cabaret is the venue. Advance tix are only availabl

Phantom Signal Collides with Another Novelty Act to Make One Big Freakish Novelty Monster

Our next live show is Monday, January 18 at the fabulous Fox Cabaret on Main Street, Vancouver. We're delighted to have Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn from Novelty Act as our very special guests. They were both a little apprehensive about appearing on the show, but we managed to convince them that the theatre is really not all that haunted. Musical accompaniment will explode all over the proceedings courtesy of Red Hot Icicles Burning on Fire. Two brand new episodes: "At The Tone," about a serial killer on the loose (so much more interesting than our original concept about a serial killer in custody), and "The Witches of East Dunsinane," the story of a four-person love triangle (square)(parallel

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