WELL HERE WE ARE...just twenty-four hours to go, and we're at 94% of our projected goal on Kickstarter. Some fabulous new friends have thrown into the ring and we couldn't be happier for the chance to horrify them all with The Phantom Signal Studio Anthology! Benjamin Joshua Borlase Daniel Chai TJ Dawe Yvonne Fried Bruce McPherson Sookie Mei Valerie Roberta Webb Bob Young Jennifer Zanbernard and a slew of "They-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named" We are achingly close to the finish line, but there's still time to get on this Terror Train (it's actually a modest two-door hatchback, but we like to call it a train). Clicking the link below will take you to our Kickstarter Campaign page where you can see wh


The Phantom Signal Alien Brain, returning from a serious mind-bender in an alternate reality, has checked in on our Kickstarter project and found it to be alive and kicking! We're just over the halfway mark on our funding goal, but we've only got about a week to go! The Alien Brain has us redoubling our efforts to get the word out and secure funding for our very first Studio Anthology. Meanwhile, Brain will be beaming out some very disturbing dreams to the general populace. If you find yourself dreaming of dropping bits of loose change into a hollowed out skull (and this is not a regular theme in your dreams), do not worry! That's just Alien Brain cajoling you into pitching in to help make o

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