No Escape From The Dark of Winter

Now! Theatre and Nebula Company have invited Phantom Signal to escape the confines of the radio and participate in a super-cool environmental theatre event in the super-cool Smartypantz Escape Rooms down in Gastown. Andrew and Jayson have smashed their keyboards together to come up with a little ten-minute piece that will thrill the pants right off your tree, and Tara will join them in performance on Saturday, February 13th. There will be a bar and everything, so that should take care of any hesitation on your part. You get five mini-plays for ten bucks -- wait, what? That's right, ten bucks! It'll be a very intimate performance, and they're only selling about thirty-five tickets, so you'll probably want to get there fairly early.

The Dark of Winter, Smartypantz Escape Rooms, 100-289 Abbott St.

Feb. 13, 11.30pm, $10. Event details here.

#AndrewBailey #JaysonMcDonald #TaraTravis #PhantomSignal #EnvironmentalTheatre #NowTheatre #NebulaCompany

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