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The Boneyard Man Has a New Home at Phantom Signal

Phantom Signal's spiritual predecessor, The Boneyard Man, now has a new home!

Chronicling the exploits of millionaire playboy and amateur detective LePage Cranbrook, The Boneyard Man is a radio noir parody that ran as a live stage show in London, Ontario from 1998 through 2015, performed by The Natural Broadcasting Company (Jeff Culbert, Dean Harrison, Rachel Jones, Jayson McDonald, Scott Pinkerton, Virginia Pratten and Jeff Werkmeister).

Eighty or so episodes were recorded live (mostly by Geoff Warder), and we'll be cycling through them regularly on Phantom Signal. Visit often!

The Continuing Adventures of The Boneyard Man can be heard here.

#Comedy #JaysonMcDonald #BoneyardMan #RadioNoir

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