Phantom Signal Strays Even Further Into The Fringe with David Jordan

Seriously in need of some artistic direction (any direction really), Signal has cast out its net and snagged one of the city's most elusive denizens: David Jordan, A.D. of The Vancouver Fringe Festival. A self-acknowledged "disaster on stage," David has kindly agreed not to second guess his decision to join us and instead add his ineffable charm and questionable performance instincts to the freewheeling chaos that is Phantom Signal.

We've got two brand new palpitation-inducing episodes coming down the pike: "Motel," a sick little number about a lonely little roadstop haunted by at least one murderous maniac; and "The Other Woman," a pulp noir pastiche full of hard-boiled detectives, soft-bellied villains and potboiling narrative.

Live music this go around will be provided by Aaron Chapman's Voodoo Radar Orchestra, Vancouver's newest (and colloquially baddest) supergroup.

Join us Monday, March 21 at ye olde Fox Cabaret on Main Street for an evening of murder and mayhem and madness and macabre...ness.

Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm, advance tickets available through Theatre Wire.

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