Phantom Signal Returns Like A Bat Out Of Hell On A Rocket From The Crypt Up The Stairway To Heaven

OH HELLO, I DIDN'T HEAR YOU COME IN. That's not entirely true, I've actually been sitting here waiting for a guest to show up so I could go on and on about PHANTOM SIGNAL'S SECOND SEASON of heart-pounding, senses-shattering, full-on screaming meemie-inducing tales of horror, madness and general malaise.

"Where have you been?" I imagine you might be asking your laptop or mobile device in lieu of an actual person to converse with. Oh, the places we've been! Our hiatus was fruitful and productive and gave us all plenty of time to pursue our own interests.

Andrew, Jayson and Tara all toured around the country this summer with various solo theatre works (did you see us out there?). We've been popping up around Vancouver doing one-shots on shows such as Literary Death Match, Fictionals Improv, and Story Story Lie. Andrew unearthed a tome of ungodly malevolence while antiquing in South America, and has since been trying to unload the cursed thing. Jayson wrote a play for young adults, had another produced in Mexico and finally made peace with the goblin that lives under his kitchen sink. Tara not only co-produced the inaugural season of The Vancouver International Puppet Festival, but also managed to help police crack an international ring of soul-jar smugglers.

But now supernatural forces grow restless and insist that PHANTOM SIGNAL return to the business of telling you their stories of haunting and bloodletting. This season we'll be changing it up -- brand new shows begin January 7th, 2017 at Little Mountain Gallery (195 E. 26th Ave at Main Street, Vancouver). We'll be performing the first Saturday of every month -- doors open at 7, show starts at 8, tickets available ONLY AT THE DOOR and they're still a refreshingly affordable ten bucks.

We've also got a new show format to try out -- we'll be bringing you a brand new full-length episode each month, but we're also going to up the ante on the quality and quantity (mostly quantity) of preshow one-offs, vignettes, monologues, snapshots, blackouts, kickers, zingers, bell-ringers, potboilers, fish-slappers, snap-crackers, fiddle-faddle and general brouhaha. You'll be up to your knees in our particular brand of terror, so do wear your Wellies. (We will still not be offering pony rides.)

That's it for now -- hope to see you out on January 7th for Phantom Signal's SECOND SEASON PREMIERE!

The TIME IS MONEY Version: PHANTOM SIGNAL SEASON TWO PREMIERE, Saturday, January 7th. Doors at 7, Show at 8. Tickets $10, cash only, available at the door. Cash bar. At LITTLE MOUNTAIN GALLERY, 195 E. 26th Ave. at Main Street, Vancouver.

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