Well, that's a wrap on Season Two of Phantom Signal...a very big bear hug to all of our guest performers and everyone who wiggled down into our creepy crawlspace to soak up some dank. Phantom is off for the summer -- although we do have some sinister plans (The Devil finds work for idle hands). Watch this space for updates on what we're up to, as a collective and also as lone mavericks careening headlong through our careers with no heed of consequence.

Some sweet updates on the site to while away those sleepless hours, though - photos from the show, a new live Phantom tale and a fresh crop of old Boneyard Man episodes for you to enjoy! We'll be stopping in periodically over the summer with updates, so please do sit where you are and hit "refresh" continually until September.

Also, it's "Deranged Killer on the Loose" season, so stay away from Make-Out Point, okay?

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