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If you have any candy left after the last of the wee ones rapping on your door have flitted off into the night, leave the remainders on your porch for the stray teenagers (or they will egg your house) and head on down to Havana Restaurant for a very special Phantom Signal Hallowe'en Special!

This Wednesday, October 31st, the gang will assemble at Havana for a 10pm performance of Phantom's classic episode "Under The Bed," probably the finest bit of Hallowe'en programming ever to come out of the creative sweat shops of Mount Pleasant (please don't research this claim).

We'll have special prizes for our favourite costumes of the evening (and please let us know if you've come up with a conceptual zinger like "Late Stage Capitalism" or "Earnest Patron of the Arts" -- that genius is not always obvious to the untrained eye) and treats for the early birds!

PLUS! Some brand new, quality filler, AND some fantastic, tried-and-true, previously enjoyed filler, AND that quietly celebrated off-the-cuff candor that you've come to patiently sit through and secretly love!

Word has it that Jayson will be belatedly celebrating his birthday afterwords (he was so busy writing jokes for our lovely audience he forgot it was his birthday last week). If you've never seen Jayson in his cups, well...hoo boy! Ehrm. Actually Jayson in his cups has been very well documented.

And if you're one of several people who still haven't had the wherewithal to attend a Phantom Signal show (because you've been busy -- we get it -- that's why we're doing this late show. For the busy people), here's a fantastic little write-up from Kristen Frier at The Runner.

We'll see you at the show! Also, it's terrifying!

THE TIME IS MONEY VERSION: Phantom Signal Hallowe'en Special / Wednesday, October 31, 2018 / Havana Restaurant - 1212 Commercial / 9.30PM Doors / 10PM Show / $10 at the door

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