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FIRST OF ALL, here at Phantom Signal, we don't apologize for puns, regardless of their quality. Puns are for the people.

Second, it's The Dreaded Holiday Season(TM), and we couldn't be more excited! In fact, we love the holidays so much that we thought we might start one of our own on a day that hasn't yet been claimed. So Saturday, December 29th is now Signal Mass! (Yeah, we hear you at the back - Irish Constitution Day, check, got it. We can share.)

It's just like a regular Saturday except it falls between Christmas and New Years and there's still lots of baked goodies lying around, but television has run out of legit Christmas movies and is leaning on things like Bridget Jones's Diary and Reindeer Games.

Why not add a little Live Comedy to your seasonal regimen? Head on down to Little Mountain Gallery for Signal Mass, Phantom Signal's unsupervised explosion of Holiday Horror! A brand new episode -- "Claws" (continuing in our bizarre and unintentional tradition of producing festive Christmas horror) and some real quality stocking stuffers await! Bring the family! Bring half the family, bring Uncle Ed, whoever you're not sick of yet!

Come and share some holiday madness with your doomed, cursed friends, Phantom Signal. We're already on the naughty list, so we'll probably just do whatever we want. Doesn't that sound like fun? So liberating!

THE TIME IS MONEY VERSION: Phantom Signal / Little Mountain Gallery, 26th and Main / 7.30PM Door / 8PM Show / $10 / Cash Bar / Scripted Comedy / Vague Holiday Theme Because That's December For You

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