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The Phantom Signal Alien Brain, returning from a serious mind-bender in an alternate reality, has checked in on our Kickstarter project and found it to be alive and kicking!

We're just over the halfway mark on our funding goal, but we've only got about a week to go! The Alien Brain has us redoubling our efforts to get the word out and secure funding for our very first Studio Anthology. Meanwhile, Brain will be beaming out some very disturbing dreams to the general populace. If you find yourself dreaming of dropping bits of loose change into a hollowed out skull (and this is not a regular theme in your dreams), do not worry! That's just Alien Brain cajoling you into pitching in to help make our nightmares a reality.

We're all super pumped to get recording our favourite episodes for general consumption -- terrifying tales of madness and mayhem that most of your whole family can enjoy in the relative comfort of your own home!

Special thanks to everyone who has kicked in so far - you are the absolute best, and will most likely be detained and questioned by authorities when Phantom Signal's world domination program has kicked into full swing.


Aaron Chapman

The Creative Fund

Chelsee Damen

Tiffany Engle

Chris Garner

Peter Janes

Kim Janz

Cora Linden

Elaine McRitchie

Morgan Murray

Ivory Neal

Mirranda Prowell

Kaen Seguin

Asha Stasia

and a host of curious anonymous donors

You can jump right on over to our Kickstarter page here!

We hope you can help us kick this project into gear - any amount is a big help! And if you can't, maybe you can spread the word. The Alien Brain rewards compliance.

#WorldDominationAgenda #Kickstarter #Horror #AlienBrain #IndieAudio #TaraTravis #AndrewBailey #RadioNoir #PhantomSignal #Comedy #JaysonMcDonald

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