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JUST IN TIME for our favourite holiday (Devilswe'en), we've teamed up with 3Cowboys Digital Media Management to start beaming PHANTOM SIGNAL further afield into podcast streams heretofore undreamt of! You can now hear us on Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, and, with more platforms becoming available as soon as the little digital demons get their ducks in a row.

AND UNHOLY COW we've got a special SUPER-SIZED Studio Episode up on right the heck now! "At The Tone" tracks the blood-and-teeth-strewn trail of an unorthodox serial killer and the grumbling detective determined to put a stop to the carnage. It's goddamned terrifying...if you find it funny, you must be a weird weirdo. Curl up with some leftover candy tonight and then have fun trying to sleep!

Happy Devilswe'en, everybody! Don't forget you're allowed to turn children into frogs this evening!

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